Specialty Sporting Glasses Get You in the Game

Sports like cycling, skiing and golf pose greater challenges for those who wear glasses. Specialty sport glasses can be customized with your prescription. No matter what your sport, Promenade Optical can fit you for the correct specialty eyewear.

Motorcycle Glasses Let You Ride in Comfort

Modern advances in eyewear materials give motorcyclists new options for prescription goggles. Scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses and UV protection are perfect for the open highway. Speak with a Promenade Optical technician to discuss which motorcycle glasses are best for you.

Computer Glasses Take the Strain Out of Work

If you sit at a computer for extended periods of time, your eyes and neck muscles are prone to strain. The skilled technicians at Promenade Optical can recommend a wide range of computer and workplace lenses designed specifically for your workplace needs.

Shooting Glasses Protect You at the Range and in the Field

Choosing the right pair of shooting glasses is critical to hunters, law enforcement and recreational shooting. Lens material, impact resistant frames, comfort and fit are all important factors to consider. Let the experienced opticians of Promenade Optical help you understand your choices.

Driving Glasses Keep You Safe on the Road

When you are behind the wheel, safety is priority #1. The right glasses can make the difference between a safe journey and a tragedy that could have been avoided. Our certified opticians will steer you in the right direction, making sure you have the correct prescription for driving, day and night.

Hobby Glasses

Hobbies like piano, quilting, wood-working, TV, occupational, running, etc... pose a challenge to those who wear glasses. Hobby glasses can be customized with your prescription no matter what your hobby. Ask the opticians at Promenade Optical to guide you in making the right selection.


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